Library of product and brands we love
"Minga is a small, woman-run accessories brand based in San Diego, CA. We aim to preserve heirloom practices and low-impact materials to ethically produce bags, hats, wallets and accessories that last."

Kolor's Note:

My favorite wool hats and other goodies!

The Seven Circles

Indigenous Teachings for Living Well

By Chelsey Luger, Thosh Collins

Kolor's Note:
An incredible resource! Highly recommend this book if you are wanting more wellbeing in your life.
Caro Arevalo Yoga Mat
"I'm a Peruvian visual artist based in Woodstock, NY. My work resides in the visual embodiment of the “unveiled” in the various journeys throughout my own psyche, all the cells that conform our inner bodies and its connection to the outer worlds."
Kolor's Note:

This yoga mat is our absolute favorite. Inspiring every time you roll it open to move. Caro Arevalo is a very talented artist. Her shop opens Dec 10th.

Leather Hands Mexico
"Hello, my name is Marijose, my whole family is dedicated to the production and handicrafts in the state of Oaxaca. Each purchase contributes to the development of small artisans of Oaxaca."

Kolor's Note:

We love the traditional Mexican Huipil dress and encourage you to buy directly form the people that make them ALWAYS!

Bare Knitwear

"Intentional Design, Environmental Awareness, Collaborative Craftsmanship. From Peru, to You"

Kolor's Note:

This is our dream outfit for winter...

We absolutely love this brand and try really hard to not buy all their items.

Elaluz Beauty Oil
"Plant-based super oil to condition, moisturize and visibly repair skin."

Kolor's Note:

It took us some time to try this oil, yet after the first use we absolutely loved it. It is highly moisturizing but it also absorbs really well not leaving your face oily.

Aja Herbals
"We are a women-owned and run small business, based out of Truckee, CA...Our mission is to create the highest-quality hemp-derived CBD products to help people and pets live their best, healthiest lives."

Kolor's Note:
Yummiest CBD products- small biz, organic, local, fairly-traded and ethically-sourced ingredients.
An obvious winner!

Mystic Glow Ritual Oil

"Deluxe Ritual Oil crafted with ORGANIC Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil infused with Blue Lotus and Lokelani Rose all grown and handcrafted in Hawaii on the Island of Maui."

Kolor's Note:
We are patiently waiting for ours and can't wait to use it for everything!! We know the depth of intention that has gone into creating this product.
Le Bon Shoppe
"We produce limited quantities of timeless staples that are made to last."

Kolor's Note:
Their t-shirts and their socks are some of the most comfortable and great fitting classics. Why get basics that are not sustainable!?!? Get them here.
Urban Native Era
"The ‘You Are On Native Land’ ribbed beanie is a winter favorite. A timeless statement intended to ignite conversation amongst non-Indigenous communities. ‘YAONL’ comes from an Indigenous perspective and the phrase is intended for everyone including the wearer."
Kolor's note:
The only thing we can say is: Thank you for making this beanie!
Thunder Voice Hat Co.

"A Sustainable, native-owned business. Native made, for everyone."

Kolor's Note:

EVERYTHING - hats in particularly, yet check out the art too. This is also a great platform to engage with as they promote many other BIPOC artists. They not only offer products but also a community.

Kolor De Tierra
We obvs had to include ourselves in this list.
Earrings and 100% silk natural dye bandanas are our current creations available for the holidays.

We are:
Unique & One of a kind
Natural & Intentional
And our aim is to bring Nature closer to you and you closer to Nature.
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